Chino XL Graphic Novel “Lucy” Special Edition #2


The graphic novel “Lucy” written by Chino XL artwork by Gift Revolver is available now.
Make sure and watch video Lucy all the way through for a promo discount code on your purchase!

Available also at the amazing comic hub “We Can Be Heroes” located at
20936 Devonshire Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311

Lucy is the continuing story of our hero’s quest for redemption trudging through the cobblestone
maze of evil encountering a feminine entity that has fought to absorb his soul over many lifetimes.
We are getting a glimpse at just one of them. If you think deep enough with yourself and are
extremally honest and introspective alone in the dark you all have a “Lucy” in your life and in many
cases in your bed…

This is the second of the continuing series and life long dream, the song is also an amazing
piece … DJ Static and myself

Enjoy, Love Y’all